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Doing our bit to help the environment!

At Atkinson Skip Hire we take recycling very seriously. We understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and that’s why we try to recycle rubbish as much as possible. It’s our aim and responsibility to reduce Co2 emissions. Waste piling up at the tip is bad for the environment. When we receive your waste in a skip we a keen to recycle as much of it as possible. Sadly though, we’re all making more waste. So many products now have a short lifespan. Add to that the fact they all come in fancy packaging and it easy to see why there is so much rubbish. Please trust us with your waste and lets all do our bit to save our planet. Our skip hire prices are very competitive and you can be rest assured that we’re doing everything to recycle your waste.

Fly-tipping know the law!

fly tipping site in country

Atkinsons Skip Hire is a family business that takes it’s role in waste management and the environment very seriously. We work very closely with the Environment Agency and ensure we meet all legislation and regulations. Unfortunately, not all Waste Management companies are the same!

Fly-tipping also known as fly dumping or illegal dumping is when waste is illegally disposed of onto any land that hasn’t got a licence to accept waste. Sadly, we’ve all seen it on roadsides, country lanes, fields and paths. Often this is done by members of the public but alarmingly some skip hire companies choose to dump waste in this way. Not only does this cost councils money, it is unsightly and a health hazard for animals and humans.

We’d like you to join us in fighting this despicable¬† crime and report anyone you see doing this by contacting the police on 101. If the waste appears to be a hazardous you can call the Environment Agency Emergency on 0800 80 70 60.

You can rely on us to dispose of your waste ethically!




Another happy customer!

‘Called a few skip hire companies in Gateshead and found Atkinson’s were one of the cheapest. They seemed very genuine which gave me confidence the waste was to be handled properly. Driver also very friendly and helpful as access isn’t great. Very happy to recommend¬† Atkinson skip hire.’

E. Lucas, Fenham

Skip Hire Prices

As you can imagine we often get asked about our skip hire prices and why they aren’t displayed on our website.

It’s simple, by speaking to you over the phone we can assess exactly what your requirements are. This means you won’t be paying for a skip that’s too large or not suitable for your type of waste. It means we can discuss access, lighting, permits and so on. Most importantly is means we can be flexible and responsive to changes in the market.

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