We provide a complete waste management service for domestic and commercial wastes:

  • Skips (4cu Yard Midi Skip) (8cu Yard Builders Skip) (10cu Yard Maxi Skip)
    • Commercial Waste
    • Domestic Waste
    • Garden Waste
    • Rubble
    • General Waste
  • Waste Disposal (none hazardous)
    • Commercial Waste
    • General Waste
  • Waste Management
    • Advice
    • Environmental Plans
    • Waste Management Plans

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How To Find The Right Skip For You

With the increasing amount of information found on the internet, magazines, and television shows, DIY or “Do It Yourself” projects are becoming popular. If you are planning to perform a home renovation project, you should consider hiring a skip to help manage your waste products. Skip companies are everywhere, and it would be easy for you to find one. However, before you start punching the keys on your telephone, here are the things you should remember so you will have the right skip for your project for the right amount:

ü  The size of your project. If your project will last for a week or two, it is best that you hire a skip that can hold all of your waste at once. It would be counter-productive if you hire a skip that can only hold a fraction of your waste products. If that happens, you will end up hiring more skips and paying double when you can pay less on the first contact.

ü  The duration of your project. The amount you pay would be dependent on the duration you will keep the skip at your end and the size of the skip that you hire. You can expect that you will be charged more if you hire a skip for over a week or two than when you hire a skip for a day or two. If you can manage to pile your clutter without disturbing your neighbor, you can do so, and you can call a skip hire when you are ready to haul the pile. When the skip is full, you can then call the company to have it picked up.

ü  Your neighbors. It is important that you consider your neighbors and your neighborhood when hiring a skip. This is important especially when a skip is placed in a public area (roadway or pavement). You have to make sure that your neighbors’ way will not be obstructed by the skip. You should also think of their convenience, and not just yours. You don’t want to end up with an angry neighbor because your skip is blocking their way.

(Additional tip for skips placed on the roadside: use light reflectors so it will easily be seen by the incoming and outgoing traffic in your neighborhood)

ü  Your waste products. If your waste products are hazardous in nature, skip companies will not be able to handle your waste for you. You may need to contact a different company that is licensed to handle such waste products. You should make clear what type of wastes you are planning to throw in the skip. Make sure everything is clear before agreeing on a contract.

ü  Word of mouth. As what marketing says, the best marketers are satisfied customers. You might want to open your ears for highly recommended skip companies in your neighborhood. If you know someone who has hired, or recently hired, a skip company to handle their waste product, ask for a recommendation. They will surely be able to give you an honest feedback of the company’s services.

Remembering these tips would surely lead you to a suitable skip company to handle the dirty work for you. Hiring a skip may be costly, but you should also remember that operating a business is costly. No matter which company you choose, you just have to make sure that you have exhausted all your efforts in comparing and contrasting the companies that you see fit to serve your purpose. Knowledge is power, and you should perform thorough and diligent research before making your fingers busy with the telephone keys. This is why Atkinson skips offer the best prices.